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‘she’s come undun’   the genius sun moved into town one spring day it was brighter than I’d thought it could be I pushed it to shine right on my face… “bright, brighter” I begged as I closed my eyes and turned toward it. The warmth on my skin I hungered after and I kept Continue Reading

  My friend Thomas is ballsy……. Thomas Cantley on Youtube   I feel like I’m supposed to start this out by saying, “I am ballsy” but quite honestly what floats across my mind is a question, “am I ballsy”? Life throws you around sometimes, Right? Things don’t turn out exactly as you dream them to Continue Reading

I dreamed of a friend the other night. He was desperately trying to write his own name. He tried many combinations of letters and pens and different sheets of paper. His anxiety was palpable and I sat with him silently and just felt it because there was nothing I could do to help. Such as Continue Reading

Ideas are poison. I know what you might be thinking. This sounds horribly negative especially coming from an idea person, Who spends the majority of her time in an art studio. What I have noticed, though, being around a multitude of great ideas on a daily basis is how paralyzing they can be. Most of Continue Reading

Every year at the solstice I receive a word of intention. for 2013 I was gifted the word ‘commune’ as in community and not feeling alone anymore. I am, by nature, an introvert yet strangely enough I hate being alone. On January 1st last year I obtained the keys to 1400 square feet of office Continue Reading

A lot can change in a year. It’s remembrance Day 2013 in Canada and as I often do, I have a twinge of guilt for not ‘braving’ the November chill standing at a ceremony. It doesn’t, though, make it any less ceremonial to me. I just think about those boys, at war, in a different Continue Reading

I just watched a satellite float across the charcoal hue of tonight’s sky in a calculated hurry.  It made me wonder where I’m headed and does, wherever that is, make as much sense as collecting or sending important data to and from unknown lands? I’m so attached to the celestial dome that encompasses  me… every Continue Reading

two times in my life I have heard it. The cracking of something inside my being and then the audible sound from my mouth. It’s not really crying although it may get confused with that to an outsider. it’s a horrible sound, the one from inside and yet it’s the audible one I remember. it Continue Reading

If a man loves the labour of his trade, apart from any question of success or fame, the gods have called him. —Robert Louis Stevenson I’ve worked really hard over the months since January. I’ve spent boatloads of time and money and heart on something I really believe in. At times, it’s been supernaturally energized Continue Reading